Who We Serve

Our Clients

Our services are designed for individuals living with intellectual disabilities. Clients may be living with family members, roommates or independently. They are often referred to us by Supports Coordinator Organizations, loved ones, and members of our community.  They can also contact us directly to request services. We welcome inquiries from anyone who has the person’s best interests at heart.

How it Works

The ISP Process

The ISP process, led by the Supports Coordinator (SC), is the most critical activity to help people envision a good life and to develop strategies to achieve the life they want. It is a process to help people explore the experiences, opportunities and resources available to them through family, friends and the community, and it is also the process to identify what services can enhance those resources and opportunities.

The SC will assist the individual and family to understand the ISP process. This includes thinking about relationships that are important to the person; activities that are enjoyable and important to the person; what kinds of growth experiences the person would like to explore; what kind of job they’d like; whether there are any health or safety risks that must be planned for; what the immediate needs are as well as the needs they anticipate for the future, and what types of services would assist the person and family in achieving the quality of life they hope to have. The person and/or family is encouraged to participate in the process.

Referral and Intake

Once an individual is referred to Brighter Days or requests our services they are contacted by a member of our team to set up an initial meet and greet. Because of our commitment to ensuring that our clients and the families who support them feel more valued, respected, and like their input matters we give them a say in who they get to work with and which of our many highly qualified Direct Support Professionals is the best fit for their needs. We offer superior services by building superior relationships and this is where our relationship with you begins!

Ongoing Support

We track and document progress through daily service notes, progress notes, team meetings, review of behavioral incidents, and feedback from our clients and their family members. When requested, we can communicate with a client’s employer and/or family members about progress or concerns within the confines of applicable HIPAA privacy laws.

Our ultimate objective is to build lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients while supporting them with their everyday needs and helping them make progress toward accomplishing their goals so that they may live capable, fulfilled lives.

Are you looking for support services for yourself, a loved one, or someone you know?

Please reach out to learn more about our services or to request an appointment to discuss if we might be a good fit for you and your family.