Our Services

In-Home and Community Support

Our Direct Support Professionals provide home and community-based services to assist our clients in achieving their goals and meeting their everyday needs. Services are customized to each person and cover many areas including self-care, communication, fine and gross motor skills, mobility, personal adjustment, relationship development, socialization, use of community resources and more.

Community Participation Support

Our community participation support services provide our clients with community inclusion through participation in volunteer work and employment opportunities. Individualized goals are set through active, valued participation in activities that build on interests, preferences, gifts and strengths and reflect desired outcomes related to employment, volunteer work and community involvement.

Our Service Goals

Clients’ health and safety in their homes and communities

Meeting or exceeding all individual plan outcomes

Encourage participation in community activities while developing and maintaining relationships

Client satisfaction as assessed through reviews of reports and client surveys, discussions with DSPs, and monthly client meetings with our CEO

Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs)

A role with many responsibilities

Our DSPs are the heart and soul of Brighter Days, working primarily one-on-one with clients but sometimes together with others in group activities. On any given day, DSPs might support clients by:

  • Helping them take care of personal needs
  • Working with them on skills such as fine and gross motor ability, relationship development, mobility and socialization
  • Transporting them to doctor’s appointments, community activities, volunteer work, social activities, grocery shopping, community resources and more

What to expect

When hiring for this special role, we look for compassionate people who are dedicated to building more meaningful relationships with our clients and their families. Our DSPs are effective communicators, creative problem solvers who develop client-centered approaches, and enthusiastic “coaches” who celebrate client progress at every step.

Extensive screening and training

Our DSPs must:

  • Pass rigorous background checks (criminal history, child abuse, FBI)
  • Complete initial training in accordance with guidance provided by the Pennsylvania Office of Developmental Programs and its “Everyday Lives: Values in Action” guidelines
  • Complete extensive internal orientation and general training covering person-centered practices and planning, positive behavior supports, community integration, individual choice, relationship assistance and emergency contingency planning
  • Acquire and maintain certifications in First AID, CPR, automated external defibrillator (AED) administration and blood-borne pathogen management
  • Know how to prevent, detect and report abuse (suspected, alleged or witnessed) in accordance with all applicable protective services regulations
  • Follow our incident management and reporting procedures for incidents such as emergency room visits, hospitalization, rights violations and misuse of funds
  • Complete 24 hours of continuing education training each year

Are you looking for support services for yourself, a loved one, or someone you know?

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